When the vacationing nightlife is important to many people. There are many forms of entertainment in Marbella, which is known for its nightlife. Check out A Guide to nightlife in Marbella:

Night Clubs

Marbella is known worldwide for its glamorous and glitzy nightlife. The Golden Mile and Puerto Banus are where exclusive venues can be found. Many of the bars are open late into the night. This allows for the partiers to visit music bars, night clubs, restaurants, and late-night bars. Most night clubs are open until 6 or 7 am. Most often, there is no admission fee unless there is a live band or a DJ that is a special guest. Quite often, the night clubs drinks are more expensive. It is recommended to book seating arrangements for groups attending the night club. A night club is most often known as a dance venue.

Some popular night clubs in Marbella are:

  • La Suite Club – a middle eastern themed location with a fusion restaurant
  • Olivia Valere – a disco night club
  • Buddha Marbella – Nightly themed parties

Some popular night clubs in Puerto Banus are:

  • Seven – includes Indian Decor a VIP area and an outdoor terrace
  • Dreamers Disco – A large disco night club
  • Bijou Banus – a resident DJ, a big open terrace offering full service
  • TIBU Disco – House music and also has large beds on the terrace
  • Scream Disco – Mostly visited by a younger crowd as it is often raucous and very lively.
  • Pangea – a very luxurious night club in the port where the big boats are.
  • Aqwa Mist – known as a very luxurious night club where guests enter under a silver waterfall.
  • Mirage – A themed night summer only nightclub.

Music Bars

Music bars are not open as late as night clubs. Usually, they are open until 3 or 4 am. Music bars have a different atmosphere compared to nightclubs. Most often, music bars have live music or a DJ and a dance floor.

Marbella Music Bars

  • La Catarina – this is an alternative venue that has cult status
  • Maya – this music bar is a disco at night and a lounge during the day
  • Lemmon – could use a facelift, usually attracts local visitors
  • Big Boss – A disco located in Marbella old town
  • Champagne Room – a 1960 themed elegant dance and drink venue
    Puerto Banus Music Bars
  • La Sala Bar – a reasonably priced first class meeting place venue
  • News Cafe – a trendy celebrity fan-based bar
  • Joys Live – one of the oldest pubs in Puerto Banus, very popular

Pubs and Bars

Dancing is not the primary activity at a bar or pub. The atmosphere is usually far quieter. A bar or pub is a great place to meet with friends and converse. These locations may have music, a dance floor, and sometimes live music. However, it does not dominate the atmosphere. Pubs and Bars are usually open to 2 am.

Marbella Bars

  • The Local – a good quiet starting point to enjoy snacks and drinks before going to Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus Bars

  • O’Grady’s Pub – attracts young locals and many tourists, an Irish Bar.
  • Sinatra’s Bar – a very popular icon bar located on the marina front in Puerto Banus
  • Astral Cocktail Bar – in the shape of a pirate ship, located next to the marina entrance, very popular
  • Salduba Pub – has outdoor seating for a quiet drink at the marina

There is no shortage of some great nightlife activities to be enjoyed during a stay in Marbella.

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