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Buying a home – besides being an important investment – is one of the major life decisions. A house you will call “Home”, or even “Second Home”, is, in fact, a mean to an end, a step towards a new life.

Therefore, at Marlo Property, we approach the property business in the most personal manner, by keeping human-focus on the people we have the pleasure to guide through this delicate and exciting process.

Our personalized-service-above-all-else approach means we listen attentively before we suggest solutions and we search extensively before we come up with a selection of property and living areas, crafted for your personal desires and lifestyle choices.

This means that – in addition to your budget and family size – we need to know you a bit better: your hobbies, your preferred activities, your favorite house- design, your particular accommodation needs (proximity of schools for once).

As a result, we will then be able to advise you most efficiently, both in ideal areas to live in and in housing options, so you can make a fully educated and right decision. Or, you might pursue a profitable real estate investment, in which case, our business knowledge and market understanding will make us able to advise and assist you regarding the best opportunities and suitable solutions.

Our extensive Portfolio of Properties gives you access to all properties available in Costa del Sol, so you can rest assured that your needs and requirements will be met. Furthermore, we can help you with any service related to the buying process. You need to look no further or waist no time: you are in your “one stop shop” that provides you with convenience, efficiency, and speed.

Come and meet our luxury real estate company in Marbella. Let us advise and guide you, with both our professional expertise and personal experience.

You control this process - we are the buyer's agent

Considerate Buyer-Centered Approach,throughout the entire buying process.We design our offer around your specific requirements and needs.

We guide you as well, besides informing you

Our profound knowledge of the Area guarantees you a fully informed and educated choice.

Access to All Properties

Our complete Portfolio of Property options ensures your preferences and needs will be met

Best choice One-stop-shop

Convenience, Efficiency and Speed, through coverage of all services related to the buying process

Discretion and Integrity

Solution-oriented and tactful, we are committed to meet the specific needs and particularity of each client

Unbiased and Trustworthy Advisors

Independent, privately owned and well-documented, we provide accurate and impartial advice about the local property market.

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