We’re crazy about coffee! That’s a fact, and what better incentive can there be to get out of bed in the morning; what better excuse for making a stop on the way when we’re travelling, or to get together with friends… having a coffee is more than the action of drinking something delicious; it’s a social activity.

While there are famous chains that you can find all over the world, Marbella has in a certain way placed more emphasis on offering a wide range of select coffees. These coffees are usually fair trade and organic, with the grains being ground for each cup of coffee. This so-called third coffee wave has opened the way for small, cozy neighborhood coffee shops, where the baristas know the customers by name.

Café de Ronda is the ideal place to go if you fancy a good cup of coffee and some artisanal pasta, freshly made tapas, lunch or just a drink as the sun goes down in a sophisticated but relaxed atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to start the day in Marbella, since it’s open from 8.00 a.m. and the breakfast selection is excellent, with everything from delicious eggs benedict to fresh fruit salads.

It also has very fast Wi-Fi, so customers can work quietly while they enjoy wonderful food inside or outside on its sunny terrace.

*source: Amarehotels.com

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