Enjoying the Best Costa Del Sol Food and Drink

Spain is a popular vacation spot and is well known for its amazing food and drinks. Experiencing the Spanish cuisine while in Costa Del Sol is something that can be enjoyed by all. Read to know more about Food and Drink in the Costa Del Sol

Delicious Cuisine

There are several dishes available to enjoy while in Costa Del Sol. Here are a few with a general description of what they are.

Fish and Seafood

Not only is Costa del Sol well known for its great weather and beaches but it is also famous for its fish and seafood. Deep-fried fish known as pescaito frito is quite a ritual. Skewered sardines are very popular also. Visiting La Carihuela, the old fishing village, you will find popular and amazing fried fish restaurants. A large festival is held every year in the month of June paying tribute to the fried fish specialty.

In Manilva, you will find ancient recipe fish dishes. Some of these are cuttlefish stew, clams and noodles, and potatoes with skate.


Tapas are very popular in Spain. Tapas are commonly served at bars and other eateries as a small portioned snack or appetizer. Some popular ones are garlic prawns, Ajoblanco, Boquerones en Vinagre and Albóndigas en Salsa de Almendras.


A delicious soup made of tomato, cucumber, garlic, pepper and onions, stale bread soaked in olive oil, wine vinegar, and water, garnished with chopped onion, cucumber, pepper and tomato. This soup is served cold and is quite refreshing on a hot day.


Paella is a versatile rice dish. Traditionally it is known for containing rabbit or chicken, butter beans, saffron, and runner beans. There are several variations to this common dish such as seafood paella. The best rice for this dish is bomba or Calasparra. A good stock is a key to the rich flavor of this dish. The secret is to not stir the rice too much and allow it to form a bit of a crust on the bottom.

Tostas de tomate y jamón

A great delicacy in Spain is Jamon. Jamon comes from the black pigs which eat acorns from the holm oak trees. This creates a nutty, marbled magenta succulent ham. Served best on garlic and tomato rubbed toast, a drizzle of olive oil and sliced Jamon. This makes a great lunch.

Tortilla Espanola

This delicious Spanish omelet is traditionally made with eggs, onions, and potatoes. The beaten eggs are mixed with potatoes and onions that have been fried slowly in olive oil. Adding ingredients like spinach, ham, courgettes, and chorizo turns this dish into a delicious meal.

Pollo al ajillo

This garlic chicken dish has been served for years. The secret is frying unpeeled cloves of garlic in olive oil, removing them, adding the chicken until cooked, then put the garlic back in with other spices like thyme, rosemary, and white wine or dry sherry.


Cerveza (beer) is hugely popular in Spain.

Spanish Wine

Spain has the largest vineyard acreage in the world. Spain produces some of the best quality wines.

Spirits and Liqueurs

At the end of a meal, for digestion purposes, Brandy is very popular. Brandy must derive from grapes and mature for a minimum of six months to be officially deemed a brandy.

The great food and beverages found in Costa Del Sol heighten the enjoyment of vacationing here.

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