Whether you are deciding on a place to retire or merely looking for an investment property, Marbella offers a prime location filled with a quality lifestyle. Here are the great reasons to choose Marbella for Future Investments


The weather in Marbella can be enjoyed all twelve months of the year. There are over 320 days of Sunshine. The rainy season is in November, but even then rainfall is not very much. The hot months attract many people to the abundance of beautiful beaches. While the cooler weather permits avid golfers to enjoy a day out on the course without dealing with extremely high temperatures. Enjoy a stroll along many of the quaint streets in the many villages during autumn days when it is less crowded and a comfortable temperature.


Marbella is filled with a large variety of sights. From it’s flourishing landscaping, to the views of the mountains and black sand beaches. The architecture in many of the towns is exquisite. Marbella is full of beautiful flowers. This Sunkist part of Spain is the most popular for investing in real estate.


Marbella has many attractions that will meet the interests of everyone and anyone. There are historical monuments, churches, structural buildings, and many nature surrounded parks. Sports lovers can embark on a walk or run along the promenade enjoying the beautiful scenery and views of the ocean as the promenade parallels the ocean.

International Location

As foreigners are the largest population, more than 85% in Marbella, this great city has accommodated many international cultures. There are many international educational facilities available here. Marbella offers many different services.

Real Estate in Marbella</h3

Foreigners who invest in Marbella are now able to get their residence permit when they purchase a home 500,000 euros or greater. They do not have to be tax residents if it is not more than 6 months a year. In addition, their children can attend educational facilities in other countries. Marbella is the most popular place in Spain to invest in Real Estate. Marbella has so much to offer. Marbella for Future Investments is the best choice. Here you will find luxurious homes, surrounded by many gardens and much greenery. There are many designer shops, high-end car dealerships, many night clubs, and eateries.

What Types of Homes Can Be Found in Marbella?

There are many different styles of residential structures that can be found in Marbella. This popular location is filled with luxurious houses, villas, and apartments with spectacular views. Many well to do people choose to buy here as it meets their lifestyle needs.

For Investment Purposes

If you are buying property in Marbella strictly for investment purposes, you will have no problem renting out your residence as this is the hot spot for many tourists. Tourism lasts year-round due to the amazing weather, beautiful beaches, and many tourists attractions. Marbella is known for its many fine shops, tapas bars, and amazing nightlife.

Whether you choose to invest, live, or visit Marbella, you will not be disappointed in this most popular, beautiful location.

About Marlo Property

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