Important note: If you need a British School for your children during your stay in Spain, chose a NABSS school.

NABSS (The National Association of British Schools in Spain) is the only association of British schools recognised by the Spanish government.
All member schools are listed on The NABSS website.

In order for a school to be a member of NABSS, they must fulfil the criteria published on the NABSS website and achieve full authorization, via British inspection, from the appropriate Spanish authorities. The rigor of the NABSS inspection system, and of the authorization process itself, is a guarantee for parents who are choosing schools in Spain.
Choosing a NABSS school for your child ensures that he will be able to move seamlessly between British Schools whether in The UK or Spain.

*NABSS member / British Curriculum = Private school, Full member of the association, follows British Curriculum, language: English
*British Curriculum = Private school, follows British Curriculum, language: English
*Bilingual = Private School, Spanish Curriculum, 2 languages: Spanish + English
*Spanish Private School = Private School, Spanish Curriculum, language: Spanish


C.E.I.P Juan Carrillo (primary school)



Address: Av de Andalucía, 24, 29400 Ronda, Málaga

Phone: 952 16 99 24

Instituto de Educación Secundaria Dr. Rodríguez Delgado (high school)


Calle Dolores Ibárruri, 2, 29400 Ronda, Málaga

952 16 99 00