Spain is a high-quality destination which has become much popular lately by people from the US and Europe. After the property market bubble crashed in 2006, the market is slowly and steadily improving.

Recently after Brexit, the real estate market in Britain has an equivocal and uncertain situation. The investors are not looking to invest in Britain and looking for alternative options. The investors holding real estate in Britain are receiving meager prices for their real estate’s due to which the market is dead. Experts say that in Britain, the Brexit will generate a 6-8% fall on the values of properties in 2019.

The good news is the real estate growth of 2018 will be maintained during 2019 in Spain, according to Elfike. An important fact about real estate pricing is that the average price of a property in Spain is still 35% lower than before the financial crisis in 2006. It makes Spain a wise option to invest if you are thinking to Buy a House in Spain.

Spanish leading financial institution, ‘BBVA’ expects annual house prices to rise by 5% approx. in 2019. The National Statistical Bureau ‘Instituto Nacional de Estadistica’ reported in 2018 that Spanish real estate grew by 6.8% in the second quarter of the year and new homes grew by 5.7%.

Madrid and Barcelona are high-end locations and preferred by young professionals. Valencia and Sevilla are the top alternatives to live in budget with high-standard with pleasant weather through the year and the best place to live with family. Spain is also a popular winter destination, and that is even not surprising with the pleasant climate on the coast. Mainly the Costa Blanca is extremely popular in winter. Ibiza is a popular destination for tourism and festivals.

For a long time, real estate in California has been a favorite spot due to its weather, vibrant culture and beautiful sights. A reasonable alternative to California like climate and coastline in Europe would be Spain.

Due to the highest life expectancy, Spain is one of the best countries to live. If you invest over 500,000 euros in Spanish real-estate, you and your immediate family can be granted a work and residency permit. This permit is commonly referred to as a “Golden Visa.” Any person from any country can buy property or buy house in Spain and avail visa offer.

With 47 UNESCO heritage sites, it is filled with art and culture. Real Madrid and Barcelona are most followed football clubs on social media. Spain is famous for bullfighting and Tomatina festival. IE Business School and ESADE consistently rank as best Business Schools in Europe.

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