Far more than just a great place to spend your summer vacations, a few weeks or months at a time, or come to surf, play golf or soak up the sun on sandy beaches, Marbella makes for a perfect fulltime home. Why? – because it offers a quality of life hard to surpass anywhere in Europe.

People in a cafe on the sea promenade

“Cappuccino Grand Cafe Marbella”

Marbella climate

The weather is not only pleasantly warm and devoid of the cold and rain found elsewhere on the continent, but it is also the starting point for a gentler pace of life that also makes possible outdoor activities such as sports and scenic walks, a very social atmosphere, a healthier lifestyle and happier state of mind – not to mention extending the home onto the terrace and pool area.

A night image of El Chiringuito restaurant on the promenade

“El Chiringuito Puente Romano Marbella”

Marbella amenities

The active lifestyle involves sport, travel and a vibrant social life, all of which are well catered for through an excellent array of golf courses, sports clubs, wellbeing centres, restaurants, cafés, tapas bars, night venues, beach clubs and a broad range of social clubs, not to mention the surrounding natural scenery and cities such as nearby Málaga.

Cosmopolitan ambience

The Costa del Sol also enjoys a highly cosmopolitan atmosphere that makes it a particularly exciting, international coastal region within the rich Spanish traditions of Andalucía. What’s more, the many different nationalities that live in Marbella get on and interact, learning from one another as they add to the depth and variety of this area.

Two women on bicycles Marbella

Practical facilities

The above is also reflected in schools were children are exposed to fellow pupils from around the world, thus widening their horizons. There is a choice of Spanish state and semi-private schools, prestigious private colleges and international schools with a British, German, French or Swedish focus, as well as those catering for alternative teaching methods.

Healthcare is also well facilitated, and in addition to one of the best state medical systems in Europe, the region is also known for its excellent private clinics, medical insurance options and hospitals. Marbella is, in fact, a European hub for aesthetic and medical surgery that draws patients from around the world for its standard of treatment and ideal conditions for recovery.

Working and connectivity

Modern technology makes it increasingly possible for professionals and entrepreneurs to work remotely from their homes in Marbella, and when they need to commute or travel for meetings they’ll find that Málaga’s international airport has direct routes to major centres across Europe and into North Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

In addition, there are business centres and modern co-working offices where professionals and smaller firms can enjoy a creative contemporary business environment complete with all the workspaces, equipment and support services they need. What’s more, if you need to hire qualified staff, it won’t take long to convince them to join you in Marbella!

Living in Marbella fulltime

Given its amenities and lifestyle, not to mention the fact that this is a great place to bring up children and the greater flexibility created by today’s technology, more and more young professionals and businesspeople are moving to Marbella with their families. This is especially true of

forty-plus year-olds from Scandinavia, the Benelux countries and other parts of Northern Europe, as well as other parts of the world.

Their budgets, needs and preferred lifestyles may differ, but fortunately the Marbella area offers a broad range of options, from beachside and frontline golf to city, suburb and even country style living. The choice includes stylish modern apartments, townhouses made for family living and a large range of villas, from rustic to ultramodern.

Modern apartments offer the latest in 21st century style and convenience, while large, luxurious penthouses combine villa luxury with convenience, and today’s villas featuring architectural design and a long list of hi-tech comforts. Other properties feature scope for modernising or are already renovated homes, with all the charm of an existing villa matched to the comfort of a contemporary one. Townhouses form another option that is ideal for families, offering space, privacy and value in what is a very complete range of possibilities for those wanting a comfortable, stylish and spacious permanent home in Marbella. Contact us now for the ideal range of property for sale in this area.