The first thing you must do when you arrive in Marbella is to take at least a little bit of time to enjoy its beauty. From then on there is no doubt you are going to be very busy enjoying all of the sights and activities that are here. To make the most of your time here, you should do some things on the spur of the moment and then do some planning to enjoy some of the many fun things that Marbella has to offer.

Adventure Tours

For a most exciting and comprehensive way to familiarize yourself with Marbella participating in one of the several adventure tours is a great way to do so. These range in time from a few hours up to full days or more. You may also want to book one of the private tours if you want to enjoy a more personalized one. You can also choose a themed tour. For example, kid-friendly tours, wine tours or sightseeing tours just to name a few.


Another event that you and the family may want to participate in is one of the several charters that are available. There are a variety of different charters to choose from. There is the option to enjoy some boat tours that include some dolphin watching. One that the kids may enjoy is one of the fishing charters. Within the charter category, it includes the choice to participate in some thrilling Jet Boat rides. This consists of a combination of enjoying the waters of Marbella along with the speed of the Jetboats.


You may prefer to discover what Marbella has on your own. To do this, you will need some form of transportation. For those who are adventurous and like to cycle there are plenty of opportunities to rent a variety of different types and styles of bikes.

Then there are those who have always dreamed of owning a luxury car, but it just isn’t in the budget. The next best thing to ownership is at least getting to drive one. This is something else you get the chance to do while in Marbella. You can hire one of several different types of luxury cars to use as your mode of transportation. Imagine traveling around Marbella as the rich and famous do.


A lot of people make visiting museums one of their top priorities when visiting a new destination. Then there are some that are not into this. But it is highly recommended that for these people that they make an exception to this. Marbella is home to some beautiful museums that are well worth visiting. Many of the museums here are predominantly art galleries that are a pure joy to visit. There are two specialty museums which are the Museo Ralli and the Museo del Grabado Espanol Contemporaneo.

Shopping Excursions

Even if you had not specifically planned to go on any shopping excursions, you will not be able to resist. Marbella offers some of the most rewarding shopping experiences. There will be choices to shop at some very elite department stores like El Corte Ingles to exclusive boutiques like 338A.

Additional Activities

Be sure to fit in some time for a visit to Old Town, and to soak up some sun on the Marbella beach. A stroll around Alameda Park is another must do.

These are just a few of many suggestions that could be made to make the most of your time in Marbella.

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