Dont Miss the Costa del Sol Street Markets
10 May

Dont Miss the Costa del Sol Street Markets

There are many ways to get a real feel for the places that you visit. One of the most intriguing and rewarding ways is to spend time where the locals do. In Costa del Sol the best place to do this is by paying some visits to the Costa del Sol Street Markets.

Some Tips for Enjoying the Costa del Sol Street Markets in Marbella

These few tips will help you to get the most out of what these street markets have to offer.

  • Make sure you wear comfortable clothing and shoes. You don’t want to be distracted with sore feet or uncomfortable clothing.
  • Plan on spending plenty of time in the markets you are going to visit. There is so much to see that you will want to take your time to enjoy all that the Costa del Sol Street Markets have to offer.
  • If you are sticking to a budget, you may want to take your time before making your purchases; there are so many amazing vendors offering a whole array of products that you may have to put some thought into your purchases.
  • These markets tend to get crowded very quickly. You may want to plan on arriving shortly after the open to avoid some of the bigger crowds.

If you plan your street market adventures carefully, you may get to attend several of them during your stay in Marbella. You could plan to visit a different one several days throughout the week. If you want to dedicate one full day to the Marbella Street Markets, then Saturday would be the ideal choice. Here is an example of a schedule that would allow you to do this.

The Costa del Sol Street Markets

Marbella Monday Market

Here there will be an opportunity to shop for personal items that include jewelry and other items. If you are looking to enjoy locally grown fruits and vegetables there are plenty available here. For those who have a keen interest in locally made items, this is a great market for it. There are plenty of vendors here to accommodate you when it’s time for refreshment.

Thursday-San Pedro Market

Very much like the Marbella Monday Market but much larger with more vendors are vying for your business. It is estimated that there are about 230 stalls here waiting to serve the market visitors. Again there will be some great selections for household and personal items. There is plenty of produce to choose from as well.

Friday –Las Chapas Market

This is a market that is waiting to please you on Friday mornings. There is a grand selection of clothing and produce.

Saturday- Puerto Banus Market – Nueva Andalusia Artisan Market – Zoco del Sol Market

You will want to be up bright and early Saturday morning so you can enjoy the Nueva Andalusia Artisan Market. There is a lot of different items to catch your attention that range from clothing, homemade items and a large array of spices. This is a market where the vendors are not shy about making themselves known for being open for business.

Zoco del Sol Market is another great street market especially for those who are looking for some unique jewelry. Another bonus about this market is they are open each day from mid-morning to midnight during the summer season.

The Puerto Banus Market is as easily attractive as the others with a large selection of products that include locally made and antique furniture.

Sunday-Marbella Sunday Market – Marbella Artisan Market

For those who enjoy arts and crafts then they will not be disappointed with the Marbella Artisan Market. This is a market that is located right in the hub of the rich and famous who have yachts in the port. The market has a large and varied selection of goods.

There are enough amazing Marbella street markets to keep you busy during your entire stay here.

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