What is Puerto Banus Like?
21 Mar

What is Puerto Banus Like?

When in Marbella Spain it is worth taking the time to check out the Marbella area known as Puerto Banus which is located a few km’s east of Marbella just beyond the Golden Mile. It is deservedly known as the billionaire’s playground.

What Is So Special About Puerto Banus?

For those who enjoy pristine beaches, top-quality beach clubs and a nightlife like no other, they will soon realise why it is just that bit more special than other areas of the Costa del Sol. This is one of the many areas of Marbella that is simply a “must visit”, at the very least. Or even better make it as a second or permanent residence.

The Lifestyle of Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus has a modern quaintness to it and parts of the area have the feel of a Spanish village from a different era but with modernisation that meets the needs of the elite. It boasts an expensive lifestyle that is comprised of the very best in shops and restaurants and walking around Puerto Banus you will recognise many of the high-end exclusive brand names. Puerto Banus oozes luxury.

What You Can Expect to See While in Puerto Banus
It is not uncommon to see celebrities mulling about and enjoying the weather, the scenery and everything else that this area has to offer. For those who are enthused at being able to see the very best in high-end vehicles or the most impressive yachts they don’t need to go to shows to enjoy these, Puerto Banus has them all and more!

The Birth of Puerto Banus

It is a man-made luxury marina developed by Jose Banus in 1970. From humble beginnings, it now possesses a shopping complex which is second to none and has gained the reputation for being the hub of entertainment in all of the Costa del Sol.

Making the Move to Puerto Banus

For tourists taking the time to visit Puerto Banus, it often becomes the highlight of their vacation. For those who want high end living in a resort setting that only the rich can afford then, it is where your money is well spent.

The living accommodations are comprised of the very best. With choices of luxury apartments to exclusive homes that vary in size, it holds no disappointments when it comes to high calibre living.

For those who can afford Puerto Banus for full time living, a favourite choice of dwelling is one of the many villas that can be bought here. There are new phases of these being built all the time so there is always an aura of excitement when it comes to choices. If a villa in Puerto Banus is not to one’s liking, then there are apartments or luxury townhouses that fit in perfectly with the demands of those looking for that little bit extra in luxury living.

For those who wish for something a little more subdued, there is a fine selection of what are considered to be absolutely ultra-modern new builds.

It has the ability to allow tourists to vacation like the rich and famous while at the same time providing an environment for the elite that lacks nothing when it comes to meeting the expectations of those who want to enjoy the most of what their money is able to buy them.

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