Where is the Golden Mile Marbella?
19 Mar

Where is the Golden Mile Marbella?

Many parts of Spain are wonderful parts to visit as a tourist. At the same time for those who wish to live here, there are also many regions that one can choose from. One of the most notable and that has much to offer is the Marbella Golden Mile.

The Marbella Golden Mile

This is a small stretch of land that is comprised of four miles. It starts from the West Side of Marbella city and extends to Puerto Banus. This area is divided by a motorway which divides the Golden Mile into two distinct parts.

Along the stretch of the road itself is where many of the top quality businesses are situated and you will find a good selection of high-quality hotels and other types of services.

For those who wish to make the Marbella Golden Mile their home, they will find that the beachside that is along the main road has been completed as a residential area. However, the mountainside portion of the Marbella Golden Mile is still being developed.

The Environment of the Golden Mile

There is nothing negative that can be said about the natural environment of this region. The air is pure and clean. The land is dotted with lush greenery and swaying palm trees. The beaches are pristine and the water is sparkling clean. The residences are situated on large sections of land with each of them is beautifully landscaped.

The Marbella Golden Mile Lifestyle

What makes the Golden Mile of Marbella so unique is the fact that it is a wonderful location to visit, to choose to have a second home, or to take up permanent residence here.

If one looks back to the 1960s and 70’s they will discover that this section of Marbella became the place of interest for builders to focus on building a luxurious and prestigious community. As a result of their work, the name “Marbella Golden Mile” became most fitting. The homes here are built with glamour and beauty that is most fitting for the coastal environment of Marbella.

Choices of homes range from amazing villas of all sizes, mansions and luxurious apartment living. Many of the dwellings have been newly constructed while several of the original buildings have been refurbished to the point where they are no less than stunning.

People of the Marbella Golden Mile

Those who have decided to buy property in the Marbella Golden Mile region are comprised of people who are not only natives of Spain but come from many parts of Europe as well as other parts of the world. They may be politicians, or business people as well as several aristocrats along with royalty can be found to own property here.

Activities to be Enjoyed

With an area as beautiful as what the Marbella Golden Mile is, those living and visiting here may want to do no more than soak up the sun and relax along the beautiful stretch of beach. To do so for many merely means stepping out the doors of their coastal residences.

Then when ready for some fun or fine cuisine it is just a matter of choosing from the large selection of restaurants that are considered to be some of the finest in the world. Many of which are enjoyed as Michelin star establishments. Then for some exciting nightlife, there is no shortage of exclusive and high-end nightclubs to be enjoyed.

For some amazing shopping experiences, there is easy access to some highly-rated shops that include many of the well-known brand designers.

If the Marbella Golden Mile sounds like a little bit of heaven that is because it is the most fitting way to describe it, and those who which to be part of this region of Marbella will need to act fast.

Luxury properties in the golden mile are in such demand here that when they do come on the market, they don’t last long.