Anyone that is going to buy property in Marbella and Costa del Sol wants to make the best choice for themselves which means having some understanding of what the 2019 market trends currently are. People who are making this kind of significant investment do so because of the type of lifestyle they will be able to enjoy in this region. But, at the same time, it is an investment into an asset and one that they want to be sure will always retain its high value. That is why market trends are so important.

Property Buyers

Marbella and the Costa del Sol have an amazing reputation for being a prime location to live in. It more than meets the needs of the wealthy and elite who have strong demands when it comes to their living enjoyment. Buyers of property here come from many parts of the world such as the British, Scandinavian, and buyers from Belgium along with the Middle East. What takes place with these buyers in their home countries will affect the property purchases they make. For example, the instability with Brexit may be causing a slow down in buying for the British in Marbella and Costa del Sol. This has not affected the consistent buying of those from Scandinavia, and Russia along with those from the Netherlands.

New Builds or Resale Property

Another decision that buyers have to make is whether they want to go for a new build or opt for a resale property. This too is affected by trends. Currently, there are slightly more re-sale transactions taking place compared to new build purchases.

There are a few reasons why this is taking place.

  • The popularity of the architecture that is comprised of ultra-modern structures with sharp angles is waning a little.
  • Price of the new homes has escalated at a fast pace.
  • Existing homes are in prime locations.
  • Older homes are perceived as offering more value for the sale price.

Comparisons That Are Trending

Buyers of property in Marbella and Costa del Sol have some excellent choices in the type of dwelling they want. This allows them to make some comparisons. When it comes to living space, they have choices such as;

  • High-end compact villas
  • Luxurious townhouses
  • Large family homes

These are the areas of;

Many of the residences in this area meet the demands for gated living, easy access, and outstanding views.

What Does The Future Hold?

Current trends are going to play an important role in the immediate decision to buy a home in Marbella and Costa del Sol, but so with future predictions. So far predictors are indicating that price increases will slow and homes will increase in their value. So for those wishing to make Marbella and Costa del Sol their home or second home they are making a sound decision according to the Property Market Trends 2019 and future predictions.

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