Before you buy a Costa del Sol property, there are a few questions you need to ask as its a large commitment on your part, however the rewards in terms of investment and lifestyle can be very high.

Define the Purpose for Buying Property on the Costa del Sol

Once you have made the decision to purchase property in Costa del Sol, you need to decide if this property will be utilized year-round, or if you are using it as a vacation property or an investment property. These details will provide you with other decision making details. The location of where you buy, style of house you buy and how much you want to spend.

Do Some Research

Before you decide where in the Costa Del Sol, you would like to purchase, always do your homework. Visit all the areas and see what each has to offer. Ensure the area you choose will meet all your needs. If you are purchasing the property as an investment, think about what most tourists are looking for when they are vacationing. Choosing a property which has a wide variety of activities in the surrounding area would be a good choice.

Location is Important

Choosing the location for your purchase is very important. You need to decide if you would like to buy in the historic parts of a town, outskirts, in the mountains, close to the beach, close to schools, close to amenities or close to shopping.


If you want to buy property on the Costa del Sol for your sole use, it is important to ensure it meets your lifestyle needs. Do you prefer tranquility and a quiet location, or do you prefer being closer to where the action is? Are you purchasing this property as a place where you can come and relax and golf or do you like touring around and seeing the sights?

Historic Parts of the Old Town

Choosing to purchase in a historic part of the town, commonly known as “The Old Town” will give you the ability to walk to many places and see many shops, cafes, and eateries. This is a great asset if you do not drive a vehicle.

Choosing What Style Home You Would Like

Costa del Sol has many beautiful properties to choose from. You need to decide whether you would like to purchase an estate home, a villa, a townhouse, a detached home, or an apartment. This would also depend on the budget you have set for yourself. Are you looking for a new build or an established location. If you choose an apartment, where would you like to be, main floor, or penthouse. Homes and villas, would you like a private pool or are you willing to settle for a shared pool? Do you want to face South and have the sun all day or would you prefer to have some shade on your terrace?

The Benefits of Renting Your Property Out

Whether you are choosing to rent your property out full time or utilizing it for personal use and renting it out part time, this is a good way to help pay off your mortgage. When you rent your property out on a short term basis, you would get approximately 4 times the rent than if you choose to rent it out on a longer basis. During July and August, high season, this is where you would benefit most, renting your property out on a weekly basis.

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