The Month of August in Spain

Did you know that Spain is literally closed in the month of August? All the professionals take this month off work. So planning to hire anyone to work for you at this time is next to impossible. The month of August is traditionally the holiday month in Spain. It is a time for those to relax and enjoy some much needed time off. They work long hours during the year and some get burnt out. The hot weather makes this the perfect time to take a vacation as there is not a lot of air conditioning in Spain. The month of August is extremely hot beginning in the early morning hours. Vacationing in their country houses, mostly in the mountains provides a little reprieve from the summer heat.

The Balance of Work and Life

Spain has been well known for their ability to balance their work with life. However, there have been significant economic changes that have lead to Spaniards working longer hours and for less money. There is now much more pressure for both parents to provide an income. Spain commonly known for their afternoon 3-hour siesta is now moving towards a full day of working hours.

Children’s Birthday Parties

When a child is invited to a birthday party most parents drop their children off and enjoy a couple of hours of quiet time. However, in Spain, it doesn’t work that way. Parents are expected to attend the children’s birthday parties, and enjoy drinking to celebrate, while the children play outside.

Children are Everywhere

In Spain, the children stay up late. They are seen running around and playing. Even in restaurants, they are free to run and play and scream. The Spaniards see this as normal, however, it may not be what you are used to. Never interfere with the freedom these children have, as the people of Spain just ignore it and carry on.

Nothing is Sacred

Living in Spain, it is common to be expected to share a lot of personal information. Details like your income, debts, your weight, and all about your sex life are a big topic of conversation.

A More Laid Back Way of Living

In Spain, life moves at a much slower pace. People taking up residence in Spain must adapt to this slower pace of lifestyle. Although it doesn’t take long to adapt to this way of living, it shows foreigners just how uptight their former way of living was.

It is Wise to Learn the Language of Spain

When you take up residency in Spain or living in Spain, you will be welcomed and treated warmly. It is important to learn the basics of the language as Spaniards tend to take offence if no attempt is made. There are many Spaniards that do speak English, however, there are many that do not speak any English at all. It would be a great advantage to learn some of the basics. The dominant language in Spain is Castellano. Other spoken languages are Valenciano, Gallego and Catalan. Spaniards take offence if these languages are referred to different Spanish dialects.


The Roman Catholic faith is the religion of 94% of the population in Spain. However, only 20% of the population are known to regularly attend church.

Spain is full of wonderful surprises all of which any visitor is welcome to enjoy. Living in Spain can be a wonderful experience.

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