Casamono Restaurant. At the moment TRVLinspirators nr.1 in Marbella. Let Casamono surprise you in a true jungle of sensations. This restaurant is managed by a young professional team who are focussed on quality and creating the perfect elegant atmosphere for lunch or dinner. The chef is working very steady and is innovative with the suggestions apart from their menu. Everything we have tried, including the special Gins and ending with sophisticated desserts, was incredible tasteful and always a reason to come back. We personally prefer the evenings because the terrace is even prettier by moonlight.

A close no 2 – Restaurant Paella y Mas. Chef and very kindly host Javier Ponte has a culinary international career of more than 30 years.Important to know; “Y MAS” means “And more” and this is definitely as important as their special Paella! TRVLinspirator prefers to order different starters and a main course to share, for example we always order one of the suggestions, the best pata-negra-ham-and-manchego-cheese croquettes, sizzling hot grilled pork skewers, a fresh tomato salad and the juicy Pluma Iberica steak.

The design of the interior is very modern for Marbella and different from any other restaurant. There is a lot of space with cosy corners inside and outside on the intimate and green terrace. This hidden gem is in the middle of the centre from Marbella but not every tourist is going to find it. That’s why we want to tell you our little secret.


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