What we know as one of the most glamourous destinations in the world was once a charming little fishing village surrounded by green valleys, mountain ranges and a gorgeous stretch of coastline. Such was the scene that greeted the first socialites who ‘discovered’ Marbella back in the 1940s. This discovery is generally accredited to two key figures in the subsequent development of what is now a cosmopolitan young city: Alfonso von Hohenlohe and José Banús.

The early days of Marbella glamour

The origins of Marbella glamour Brigitte Bardot

Gunter Sachs, Brigitte Bardot and Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe. Photo Credit: Marbella Club Hotel.

By the time he came to Marbella, José Banús had already established a reputation as one of the most important property developers in Spain, having been responsible for much of the expansion of cities such as Madrid. He also contributed to the evolution of Marbella, but is above all known for the yacht marina he commissioned, and which still bears his name to this day: Puerto Banús.

By the time Puerto Banús was officially opened in 1970, Marbella had been a glamorous jet-set destination for well over a decade. The key figure in this development was Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe, a Spanish-German aristocrat who recognised the potential of Marbella when he visited here in the 1940s. Some years later he would buy several tracts of beachside land just outside the charming fishing village, build a villa and later expand it to include ample accommodation for a significant numbers of guests.

Marbella’s Golden Mile


The origins of Marbella glamour hotel

Photo Credit: Marbella Club Hotel.

Further expansion would lead to the establishment of the Marbella Club, one of the most exclusive hotels in Spain and the founding point of both the Golden Mile and Marbella’s glamorous jet-set appeal. In the 1950s, it formed the hub where royals, aristocrats, business tycoons and Hollywood stars such as Deborah Kerr, Ava Gardner, Frank Sinatra and William Holden rubbed shoulders. Those halcyon days saw glamorous parties mark the establishment of this coast as a riviera in its own right, and by the time the Marbella Club’s sister hotel, the Puente Romano, was opened in the 1970s, Marbella’s reputation as a jet-set destination was well-established.

Beachside dinners and parties now saw the likes of Liza Minelli, Brigitte Bardot and Julio Iglesias joined by Arab sheikhs and the princes of Monaco, and locals still recall how glamorous yet informal it was, as they played on the beach with the children of the stars. By this point many a regular visitor had decided to build their own villa in the vicinity of the Marbella Club, and so the famous Golden Mile was created. Later development of villas and luxurious apartment and penthouse complexes would stretch along the coast and also follow golf courses inland, but the Golden Mile remains to this day the most exclusive address in the Marbella area.

Golden Mile homes

Marbella Glamour

The most desirable section of the Golden Mile lies on the beachside of the 6,5-kilometre long palm-lined avenue that links Marbella town and Puerto Banús. Here you will find magnificent beachside mansions and villas, as well as exclusive complexes of apartments and penthouses with direct sea views. These include Puente Romano property and other select urbanisations, while the area gently sloping uphill from the avenue towards La Concha Mountain is also famous for its beautiful villas and elegant apartment and townhouse complexes, some in the style of a classic Andalusian village.

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