A trio of prosperous communities: Elviria, El Rosario, Cabopino
01 Dec

A trio of prosperous communities: Elviria, El Rosario, Cabopino

Ideally fit for a socially-reach, activity-diverse family life, Elviria, Rosario and Cabopino, each have their own character and unique charm. Cost-line located, mostly up-market and featuring some of the best beaches on the coast, Elviria and Rosario are two ‘full package’ urbanisations with beautiful villas and apartments, countless restaurants and chiringhitos, international school, plus many facilities for outdoor lovers and water enthusiasts. Some of the most posh-crowd magnet beach clubs are also located here, for those days (or nights) when this kind of socializing is on the agenda.

Only 10 minutes drive away, the cozy Cabopino marina – a pretty little port surrounded by apartments, bars and restaurants – is an attraction in his own right, both to be a resident, with a terrace overlooking the boats and the sea or to come for eating out, listening to live music and enjoying a view of the yachts moored here. A full week buzzing nightlife, a beach with a very relaxed atmosphere – relaxed enough to host a nudist beach – and a fantastic natural park of sand dunes, with a wooden walking track along the beach are all trademarks of this charming Cabopino area.

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Coffee shops, bakeries and ice-cream parlours in Marbella. The best on the Costa del Sol
01 Dec

Coffee shops, bakeries and ice-cream parlours in Marbella. The best on the Costa del Sol

We’re crazy about coffee! That’s a fact, and what better incentive can there be to get out of bed in the morning; what better excuse for making a stop on the way when we’re travelling, or to get together with friends… having a coffee is more than the action of drinking something delicious; it’s a social activity.

While there are famous chains that you can find all over the world, Marbella has in a certain way placed more emphasis on offering a wide range of select coffees. These coffees are usually fair trade and organic, with the grains being ground for each cup of coffee. This so-called third coffee wave has opened the way for small, cozy neighborhood coffee shops, where the baristas know the customers by name.

Café de Ronda is the ideal place to go if you fancy a good cup of coffee and some artisanal pasta, freshly made tapas, lunch or just a drink as the sun goes down in a sophisticated but relaxed atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to start the day in Marbella, since it’s open from 8.00 a.m. and the breakfast selection is excellent, with everything from delicious eggs benedict to fresh fruit salads.

It also has very fast Wi-Fi, so customers can work quietly while they enjoy wonderful food inside or outside on its sunny terrace.

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Glorious sunsets – Marbella Town seascapes
01 Sep

Glorious sunsets – Marbella Town seascapes

The weather in Marbella Town since the middle of November has been particularly stunning – clear skies and warm sunny days, drawing to a close with the most incredible picture postcard sunsets.

With the profusion of palms and pine trees and other evergreen trees that surround us, we may not have the breath-taking autumnal leaf-shedding spectacle enjoyed in many other parts of the world but Mother Nature’s autumnal hues, have been reflected instead in Marbella Town’s sunset skies and pond-like shimmering sea.

Burnt orange, deep crimson, vivid pink and streaks of startling yellow; blue and apricot-tinted skies spattered with charcoal grey and strawberry pink clotted cream clouds;he indigo silhouettes of the Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, and the Rock of Gibraltar etched out on a hazy peachy tangerine horizon…

In the midst of all the man-made turmoil and uncertainty in the news right now, it is almost as if Mother Nature stepped up her inimitable artistry a notch, to remind us of the beautiful world we live in, if only we would let it be.

*source: Marbellainsideandout.com

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A dramatic setup above a deep gorge: the unique Ronda
06 Jun

A dramatic setup above a deep gorge: the unique Ronda

Even though Costa del Sol is world-famous for its sea and beaches, the mountains above them hold as many gems to build a serious reputation as the coastline does. Beautiful historical white-washed villages, fincas with olive-trees orchards, wine estates and an incredible landscape, all good reasons why one might consider getting to know the upper part of the Costa del Sol area, and maybe choose to become a resident here instead.

Ronda is by far the most famous town in the area, due to its dramatic setup above a deep gorge. This gorge (El Tajo) separates the city’s circa-15th-century new town from its old town, dating to Moorish rule. Puente Nuevo, a stone bridge spanning the gorge, offers sweeping views. New town’s Plaza de Toros, a legendary 18th-century bullring, is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. Both Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles were residents in Ronda’s old town – La Ciudad, and wrote about Ronda’s beauty and famous bullfighting traditions. Another famous writer – poet Rainer Maria Rilke – wrote the famous quote “I have sought everywhere the city of my dreams, and I have finally found it in Ronda”, in his permanent room at Hotel Reina Victoria.

Many enchanting small villages are situated in proximity to Ronda, so there are many housing options to choose from, as soon as you take a pleasurable tour of the area to get to know it in detail. More close to the sea – if that’s the preference – Ojen and Monda, two white truly Spanish pueblos, are practically part of Marbella extended residential area, since only 15 km of scenic mountain road is separating them from it.

Another popular option for permanent or second residence is Istán, a village in the region of Sierra de Las Nieves, which shares part of its territory with Sierra de Las Nieves Nature Park a Biosphere Reserve. It is crossed by the river Verde before reaching La Concepción reservoir in the midst of stunning landscapes. Set in this Garden of Eden, the village is full of fountains, viewpoints, and interesting nooks and crannies. The Church of San Miguel and the Escalante Tower are the main tourist attractions in this village known as ‘The Water Spring of Costa del Sol’.

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Family life: Marbella Style – Zoriana Benhamou
06 May

Family life: Marbella Style – Zoriana Benhamou

Zoriana Benhamou and her family love life in Marbella so much, they wrote a whole website to share their experiences.  Having previously survived life in chilly Moscow, the sunshine of Andalucia was clearly a big attraction, but I wondered what particular factors drew them to the town that they have called home since 2005?

“Marbella is special because it has lots of features of a large city (cosmopolitan, infrastructure of hospitals, schools and international airports…), yet gives you all the benefits of a small city – no traffic, friendly service, knowing your butcher, mailman and shopkeeper… This big city/small city combination in a warm climate is hard to find elsewhere.

Of course for any expat considering life in Spain, the question of school is a vital one.

“When we moved to Marbella friends have recommended our children to avoid the Spanish system for when our children enter secondary, because they said the standards were not as high. That being said, I personally think the standards are just as high in a Spanish private school as in any other international school. But that’s just my opinion.

I think choosing a Spanish school is beneficial for small children, because they learn languages so quickly. It’s a great way to integrate with the local community and gives both children and their parents an introduction to Spanish culture and language. What better way to learn about the country we live in?

*source: Beyondmanana.com

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Top things to do in Marbella
26 Feb

Top things to do in Marbella

Located on Costa del Sol, in the picturesque Andalucía, Marbella was one of my favorite experiences in Spain, alongside Ibiza, Mallorca, Barcelona and Madrid. You already know from my former articles, how much I love this country and how attached I feel to each of its regions, that’s why I can’t decide accurately which of them was my number one. Every single city, village or region in Spain has its own distinctive character, depicting a piece of my favorite puzzle, so none of them is replaceable.

With a shade of melancholy for not being there right now, I would like to share with you my amazing experience in Marbella by laying down my thoughts and my memories in this post about top things to do in and around Marbella.

First of all, I would like to mention that it was something so special about Marbella that it actually made me write a book, which I have never finished, but whose outlines I still keep somewhere inside of me.

I didn’t know anything about Marbella, except what a friend in Madrid had told me: “Marbella is very expensive; you should go somewhere else in Andalucía. Only rich people go there.”

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Malaga. Birthplace of Picasso and the southern most large city in Europe
01 Feb

Malaga. Birthplace of Picasso and the southern most large city in Europe

The southernmost large city in Europe. One of the oldest cities in the world (2.800 years). The birthplace of Picasso. As many ways to briefly introduce Malaga, from a long list of qualities that make this quick-thriving city get under your skin in unexpected ways.  Two massive hilltop citadels solemnly loom over the city’s skyline – the Alcazaba (dating back to the 700s!) and ruined Gibralfaro, remnants of Moorish rule – along with a soaring Renaissance cathedral, nicknamed La Manquita (“one-armed woman”) because one of its towers was curiously left unbuilt. Its modern port, Muelle Uno – frequently shadowed by huge ferries, sometimes 4 at the same time – is buzzing with life, as malaguenios love to hang out at one of the many restaurants and bars with views to the boats moored there. Its yellow-sand beaches and long promenade with palm trees, sprinkled with a chiringuito in all the right spots, are constantly attracting a mix of sporty or chilling-out crowd. The old center – beautifully renovated- is a pleasure to walk, shop, visit one of the Museums – Malaga has 30 all together! – or Picasso’s own birth house and listen to local bands playing on the outdoor terraces or in the streets. Food is fabulous – with many options to choose from – the weather is practically urging you to stay outdoors and the cheerful noise from the rooftop terraces of the nearby hotels invite you to come up and have dinner with a breathtaking city and sea view.

Málaga’s colorful market, the Mercado de Atarazanas, is one of the most appealing in all Andalucía. The stalls sell fresh fish, meat, spices, deli items, fruit and vegetables, and it is common for shoppers to have a break at one of the food places located inside, for fresh oysters and cava. The city is wonderfully rich in architecture with a mix of styles – as it was founded by Phoenicians, then got under the hegemony of Carthagina, followed by the rule of Roman Empire, by the Islamic empire to finally be regained by the Crown of Castille in 1487. Add the luxurious exotic vegetation, the colorful parrots, the easiness of getting around both by car of by foot, the affordable bills and the always smiling relaxed people, and Malaga might allure you to make it your next permanent address. Housing options are many, from beautiful villas up the hill, with stunning views to the port and sea, to charming apartments in historic buildings, walking distance to all the action and the fun.

7 amazing places to visit on the Costa del Sol
16 Nov

7 amazing places to visit on the Costa del Sol

Spain’s sunny coast has long been Britain’s favourite holiday destination.

Known for its stunning stretches of sea, sand and guaranteed sunshine, it’s our go to location to top up our tans by the poolside. However, there is more to Spain’s southern coast than simply beach bars and cheap beer. So, before you pass it off as a one trick pony, read on and discover what else Spain’s Costa del Sol has to offer.

1. Malaga

Sadly, most people will only know Malaga for its airport, bypassing it to head further along the coast, but it’s true to say that they’re well and truly missing out. Malaga is a fantastic coastal city; oozing with Andalusian charm, it’s incredibly compact, with all the main attractions just a short stroll away from the seaside. Highlights include its Roman amphitheatre, the imposing Alcazaba and The Picasso Museum that pays homage to the city’s most famous resident.

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